Adventure Activities

For those of you with a more energetic outlook on life, we have included some ideas on how to explore the lesser known delights of the region.


Andalucias hidden gem - there are many natural cave systems in the region, many of which are open to the public. Some of these can be visited without any special equipment, others require a sense of adventure and real pot-holing experience.

Cueva de la Pileta is probably the most famous of the systems in the region thanks mainly to its large number of pre-historic drawings etched onto the walls of the cave.

Cueva del Gato is at the other end of the extreme - a cave system only for the experienced pot-holer with many hidden dangers as it is the end of a river that rises 4km away. Signs warn of the dangers at the entrance and one is strongly advised to heed these warnings.


With some of the best climbing to be had outside of the French Alps, Andalucia is home to a great many mountaineering clubs.

The Sierra Nevada mountain range provides spectacular scenery and challenging climbs for all experience levels. Other areas with notable ascents include: - El Chorro, Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra Almijara.

The Spanish Mountaineering Federation, (Federación Español de Montanísmo) Calle Alberto Aguilar, 3-4 iz, Madrid 28015 will provide information about clubs and maps for mountain areas.

Mountain Biking

Seen as both a serious sport and a relaxing pastime, mountain biking is big business in the region. With thousands of acres of unspoilt open land, you will be able to find terrain to suit your needs. You can purchase an inexpensive model for about £120 or rent a better quality bike from any one of many mountain bike clubs in the area. For the truly adventurous amongst you, there are specially adapted chair lifts on some mountains that enable you to take your bike to the top (the easy way) and then ride down!


With a naturally rugged terrain that offers everything from gentle slopes to sheer mountainous regions, Andalucia is a paradise for those of you with an interest in this growing sport. Whether you are a novice wishing to learn more or an experienced officionado, there is going to be somewhere for you here. More information can be obtained from Club-Escuela Parapente Aventura, at calle Tulipan 6, Fuengirola (Tel: +34 952 664722).